Change of Heart

Well, I am going to take a break from blogging (news flash there), but not just because I'm too busy. I have always been of the opinion that we always have time for what we really want to do. I am simply unconvinced that I am meeting my objectives for this blog. I wanted to write first and foremost for the people to whom I minister in my local church. I have found that there are more effective ways to write for them. What of the millions of bloggers? Who will write for them? I have no doubt they will find many other more interesting and more helpful things to read online.

The lack of cogent argumentation and careful analysis online has soured me on the idea of blogging as a reliable method of learning and interaction. Probably the most helpful facet of writing online is the ready access to criticism, quickly available and in massive quantities. Unfortunately, not all criticism is equally valuable, because one must consider the source (not a popular opinion in these days of "anybody's opinion is as worthwhile as another's").

If one does not have a crusade, better returns on one's investment of time and trouble can be had than blogging. And so I bid farewell, not unhappily, to blogging as a ministry tool. Consider it tried and found wanting.


aefting said…

I always found your writing to be helpful and encouraging. Your blogging will be missed.

I will miss reading your helpful thoughts, but good for you in your desire to be effective in the local church.
The said…
thanks kindly for the time and effort you put into this..